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Nancy - Amaxyng Design : Bemidij, MN

My customers have been thrilled with their retractible banners. Quote from one customer upon it's arrival, "My husband was blown away by the quality!" .... "I have it set up in my office and I don;t want to take it down. I love it!" I have been using Sign World for almost 2 years with only a couple of problems -- both which have been rectified immediately with great customer service! I would recommend Sign World to others in a heartbeat! Thank you, Sign World, for being a great source enabling me to provide my customers with a great product!

Lisa - Hale Printing and Vinyl Graphics : Davenport, IA
I received the order of our Swooper flags today. Usually no news is good news. If you don't hear back from a customer, everything must be fine.In this case you are hearing back from me - because everything is great! Little overwhelmed with all the packages, and all the parts. But once I dove in - they were packaged all parts separate and easy to understand. The printing is great and the "little bow" on each one, a nnniiccce touch! Your service was fast and you were very helpful, and nice through all my calls. Anxious for my customer to see them! Thanks again for helping me through this.

Linda - deSIGNS, Inc : St. Thomas, USVI

I have been in the sign business for 27 years and am always on the lookout for products that I know my clients will love and that are affordable. I am very glad that I have found Signworld America, as their products are well made and the
prices are unbeatable. The service is fast and reliable. Signworld makes my company look good!